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Before We Start

Living remotely and having a young family means the Bess isn't always available for face-to-face consults, lessons or speaking engagements. However, wherever possible, and where facilities permit, Bess is happy to engage via Teleconference,  Skype or other online means. 

Bess works as a part of a large community of Social Media AGvocates and if she is unable to fulfill your requirements she is happy to offer recommendations of someone who may be able to help.

First Consultation

Cotton Wife Social Media are happy to offer you an initial consultation free of charge. 
We want to know all about you, your business, your goals and how we can help you. 
​After this consultation we will put together a strategy or lesson plan including a general, itemised quote for negotiation so you know the ins and outs before we dive in.


Bess has extensive experience in constructing and targeting social media strategies. She will work with you to formulate a plan to target and engage your audience in order to promote your cause, product or information. 
Having a formulated  strategy and an advertising budget is the best place to start, whether it's learning the basics or promoting your organisation. So we will work with you in order to cater to your individual requirements. 


Cotton Wife will work with you in constructing and targeting social media strategies. She will work with you to set up your chosen aspects of communication, be it a blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest board or any of a number of other options. Once established she will create you a personalised 'How To' Procedures Manual for your future reference and she will work with you on a program to expand and engage with your audience. 
Bess will be available for any queries or support that you may need in the future, we understand that this is a long term investment and view this as the beginning of a long term working relationship. 

Basics & Training

​Cotton Wife Social Media works in conjunction with the 'Ask An Aussie Farmer' - Cultivating Connections program in basics & training. For those looking to learn the basics we highly recommend you start with this program run by the talented, Kylie Stretton. Please CLICK HERE for more details. 

Speaking Engagements

A new endeavour for Bess has been the offer services for Speaking Engagements.
Bess' story of finding love, coming to the farm and the struggles associated with Eddison's premature birth, is something she loves to share in order to promote her passions, as well as the importance of Social Media for Rural and Remote Australians. Social Media has become one of the greatest tools to connect us, not only with our consumers, but with friends, family and support networks, that Remote Australians had traditionally gone without. Social Media is a celebration of the importance of relationships and connections to human existence and this is celebrated in Bess story.

Contact Us

For bookings, Enquiries or more information please use the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Don't forget to add your business name, a brief description of what you do and a phone number.