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Ask An Aussie Farmer

Ask An Aussie Farmer is a concept grown by Australian farmers to provide a medium where consumers and the general public at large can come to have their food and fibre questions answered by the farmers who invest so much of themselves in producing it. The platform is made up of a Facebook page, Twitter account and Website and encourages farmers and the general public alike to get together and talk about Australian produce instead of relying on the middle men, namely food processors, grocery chains and clothing manufacturers to speak for us. 
As well as engaging, Ask An Aussie Farmer provides basics training for farmers in tools for using Social Media effectively and aims to promote industries through infographics, photographs and real stories. 
Bess has been an avid fan and supporter of the 'Ask An Aussie Farmer' project since its inception. The concept was started by her good friend, Kylie Stretton, and the team consists of several of her nearest and dearest. In 2013 Bess was invited to become an official part of the team and became Ask An Aussie Farmers' resident Cotton grower. 

National Premmie Foundation

Following the unexpected birth of her son, Eddison, 13 and a half weeks premature, Bess has become a passionate advocate for the support of Prem babies and their families. 

Throughout her journey Bess depended heavily on the online support networks and groups provided by the National Premmie Foundation and its partner groups including
Lil Aussie Prems, Premature Infants' Parents Association and Yasminah's Gift of Hope

A year after bringing Eddison home from hospital Bess became the Social Media Representative for the National PRemmie Foundation Committee. She hopes to expand and promote awareness of prematurity and the affects it has not only on the babies, but on their parents and families as well. 
You can read more about Bess' Journey on her blog

The Beginning of Blogging

Bes began work in Social Media inadvertently,  when she began writing her original blog, 'Tales of a Cotton Wife' in 2010. Her original aim was simply to put her new life into some context for her family and friends who were often left bemused and confused by her undetailed Facebook posts and tweets. It didn't take long for the blog to take off and with it Bess' career in Social Media. 

Blogging for Cotton Australia

Over the course of the 2012-2013 cotton season, Bess had the absolute pleasure of being the first official blogger for Cotton Australia. Sharing the daily ins and outs of growing cotton and keeping the farm running. 

  • Coles: The Wolf Amongst the Sheep - An opinion piece originally published on the blog that was then picked up and published by all Rural Press papers. 

  • Young Farmers Need a Leg up: Opinion piece published as Letter of the Week by The Land, Thursday, September 15, 2011, Page 27.

  • USA Blogger - FarmNWife Post: We had the pleasure of being blogged about by the wonderful Judi Graff better known as

  • Moree Champion: The week we brought Eddison home from hospital the wonferful girls at the Moree Champion did this great articel about our boy and our journey.

Here you'll find links to places where Bess, Andrew & Eddison have found themselves in print or online media...